*What's SIProp Project? [#dd3f917f]
It is a project which develops OSS about SIP. 

**Purpose [#w3c6adbe]
CENTER:&size(28){"The world of media   (communication medium) is extended."};

It has the purpose of above and it is a project which proposes and develops OSS about SIP.

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*Project list [#u0308416]
-[[SIP IX:http://www.sipix.jp/]] Project
-[[HOTAL Project:http://www.luciola.net/]]
-[[HOTARU Project:http://www.luciola.net/]]
-[[The implement examination project of P2P SIP:http://www.p2psip.jp/]]

*Project Organization [#p9e806a7]
-[[Project Organization>ProjectOrganization]]