*What's SIProp? [#z3fabd46]
SIProp has two meanings.There are SIProp as B2BUA middleware and SIProp as a [[SIProp project>sipropproject]] which is this community.

**About a SIProp project [#f202446d]
The SIProp project as a community.

***Details [#ld00e22e]
Please look at [[SIProp Project>sipropproject]]. 

**About a SIProp Ver.2.0 [#ac2a4927]

***Outline [#le1361da]
-SIProp is B2BUA&UA framework for solving the VoIP interconnection problem which poses a problem globally.

***Feature [#rd3cefab]
-The framework for creating B2BUA and UA.
-It is a model which a module can define about operation of B2BUA or UA.

***Advantage [#gc7d18ad]
-It is making development of B2BUA or UA easy.

***Purpose [#i38b1764]

***License [#k9d3e13b]
-[[Apache License Version 2.0:http://www.apache.org/licenses/LICENSE-2.0.txt]]

***Project Organization [#zf676213]
Please look at [[Project Organization>ProjectOrganization]].
-Please look at [[Project Organization>ProjectOrganization]].

***The origin of a name [#xe04efea]
-SIProp is a coined word of SIP and Interop.