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* What's this? [#gf824c1a]
- nebula
-- This is hand gesture controlled interactive work.
--- here is [[YouTube Video:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=x9PizsCYBxs]].
-- In this work, lighting and moving balls in the darkness is like a stars, represent natural human interaction affect to the universe even in the silence and darkness.


*** Rule [#j621f0d9]
+ hand control
++ move your hand to up/down/left/right, the balls move to front/back/left/right.
+ arm control
++ Open both arm, the balls spread movement.Close both arm, the balls gathered in the center place.

*The items to prepare [#pf8fb4ed]
*** Hardware [#b677c0d6]
- Kinect
-- [[Kinect:http://pandaboard.org/]]
- Windows 7(64bit) PC
- Android Device
- picorover balls
-- [[Sphero:http://www.gosphero.com/]]

*** Software [#rf48f54d]
- Kinect SDK, XNA
-- [[Kinect for Windows SDK:http://www.microsoft.com/en-us/kinectforwindows/]]
- Android 4.0.3

*** How[#rf48f54d]
kinect tracking user hands position, compute hands movement speed, distance, degree moved per unit time on PC. Then that parameters send to android (UDP packet) from PC, android control the balls on bluetooth using their parameters.

*** Next Feature [#e46cb4e6]
Not only gesture control, use brain wave control.

* Materials [#r42cac6f]
*** Video [#l209ec01]

***Demonstration [#d137417e]
***Demonstration&Award [#d137417e]
-[[Maker Faire Tokyo 2012:http://makezine.jp/]]
-[[ICT ERA ABC2012:http://www.android-group.jp/conference/ictera-abc/]]
-[[Asia Digital Art Award 2012, Interactive Art category winner:http://adaa.jp/2012/index.html]]

***Contact us [#d137417e]
- info (at) siprop (dot) org