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* FrontPage [#qb249ac2]

CENTER:&size(28){This is SIProp Ver.2.0 Developer's site!};~
CENTER:&size(20){It is current version.};~

あなたのサイトに合わせ、自由に編集してください :) ((安易なSPAMやいたずらを防止するため、テーマや目的などの説明を加えた後、忘れずに凍結して下さい。パスワードの変更もお忘れなく!))
*SIProp Ver.2.0 Developer's site [#ya88b1f3]
This site is a site for the developer of SIProp Ver.2.0 Project.~
Please have a look [[here>whatssiprop]] about a SIProp Project.The purpose of a SIProp project and each project are explained here.

***The present status [#e1618abf]
-Please look at a [[schedule]].

** 練習ページ [#if72ced0]
- [[SandBox]] -- 編集をお試しください
- [[InterWikiSandBox]] -- [[InterWiki]]を試してみてください
***news [#la72055a]
The SIProp Ver.2.0F2 release was exhibited in [[release page>release]].~
From this version, the Router portion became compatibility with [[ServiceMix:http://incubator.apache.org/servicemix/]]. 

The SIProp Ver.2.0F1 release was exhibited in [[release page>release]].

** PukiWikiについて [#c2af49f4]
-[[past news>PastNews]]

- [[PukiWiki]] -- PukiWikiのご紹介
***contents [#g2a428c5]
--[[What's SIProp?>whatssiprop]]
--[[What's SIProp Project?>sipropproject]]

*** ドキュメント [#o366701b]
- [[ヘルプ>Help]] -- PukiWikiで編集するには?
- [[テキスト整形のルール(詳細版)>FormattingRules]]
- [[プラグインマニュアル>PukiWiki/1.4/Manual/Plugin]]
***related site [#g2246c4a]
-Please look at a [[SIProp project>sipropproject]].

***contact [#rfc6a318]
-mail address:info__atmark__siprop.org